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Studio still life group 2014



Chickens at Perennial Farm, Wisconsin 2014, Oil on Canvas 20 x 24


A Cold Day at Saddlebrook Farms 2014, Oil on canvas 18 x 24



Still Life with Cow - Acrylic on canvas 36" X 43"



Geometric Flow - Acrylic on Canvas 36" X 30"



Field of Vision - airbrushed acrylic and image transfer on canvas 24" X 24"



Universe in a Grid - airbrushed acrylic on board 25" X 25"



Mysteries of the Universe - airbrushed acrylic on illustration board 20" X 20"



Fred Smith's concrete - acrylic reverse painting

Fred Smith's Concrete Park - reverse painting on acrylic sheet



Pigeon Lake Destruction - Acrylic on Canvas



Still Life with Skull - oil on canvas 18" X 24"

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